Who we are

SpykerMedia is a video marketing agency. Based in Camas, Washington, we serve the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, markets with video production and video marketing services.

We’re founded on the simple idea that if we create content that engages your prospects, they’ll be inspired to become customers and fans, and your company will grow.

We began as a traditional corporate video production company, but as we grew, we saw that our clients didn’t just need great videos…they also needed help with strategy and deployment. They needed an expert to help get the videos found, integrate the videos into their websites, track viewership and engagement rates, generate leads and sales, and measure the returns on their investment. And so we expanded into digital marketing.

SpykerMedia has garnered multiple awards for its work with clients such as Clark College, Coldwell Banker, Nike, Smith Root, Adventist Health and Firestone Pacific Foods.

Our Team

Simon Spykerman, Principal and Video Marketing Strategist

British-born Simon Spykerman first picked up a camera at the age of twelve and has never looked back. He worked in the film industry for many years, occasionally rubbing shoulders with the stars, before transitioning to corporate video. He started his own production company in Los Angeles in 2003, and in 2007 moved to Vancouver, Washington, just across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.

Simon’s strengths include not only visual storytelling, but also a keen interest in the business world and a fascination with market trends. He’s delighted by new technology and, like his favorite science fiction authors, keeps an eye toward the future.

When not working on client projects, Simon enjoys hanging out in coffee shops and hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with his family.

John Morgan, Cameraman, Editor

John Morgan is a Portland, Oregon-based freelance cameraman and editor with a diverse background in broadcast directing, commercial production, feature production, and independent film. He has a passion for photography and has embraced the new generation of DSLR cameras for his video work.

John’s experience includes working with advertising agencies, corporations, and artists to deliver amazing videos for both broadcast and the Internet. He is currently the co-producer, shooter, and editor for KOPB’s Oregon Photo Adventure. John is also a musician in his spare time and loves performing onstage with Portland bands.