Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Strategy

An effective video marketing strategy begins by identifying which part of your sales cycle needs a boost, and then matching the right type of video to your need. For example, to increase brand awareness, you may need a commercial or viral video; to increase customers’ interest and consideration at the point of purchase, a product demonstration or case study video are effective tools.

Once we define the type of video you need, then we can develop a plan for deployment – delivery format, optimal length, production style and a list of the places the video will be released.

This is what sets SpykerMedia apart from other video production companies:  we seek first to understand your company and your needs, and then work with you to create a step-by-step plan in order to get the maximum impact for your investment.


An effective video delivery strategy is essential to your success, and SpykerMedia’s expertise and professional partners will help you create the best deployment plan for your business.

We’ll not only help you decide when and where to deploy your video, but we also offer video uploading and video hosting services, search engine optimization, and analytics – so you can measure how many times your video has been watched, by whom, and how they found it.