Conversion Videos

Conversion Videos

You spend a lot of money to bring visitors to your website, but what happens when they get there? Are they calling you? Are they e-mailing or downloading that free report? If your traffic isn’t generating leads, then what is its value?

Every website needs a conversion goal: you want people to call, e-mail, download information, or make a purchase. A video on your homepage is one of the most effective ways to convert those hard-earned clicks into customers.

Why video?

People skim website text rather than read it. The average website visitor reads only about 20% of the text on a page, but nearly everyone presses “play” when presented with a video. Using a tightly-messaged video, you can convey far more information – and far more persuasively – than you can with text.

Videos engage viewers on an emotional level, increase the amount of time visitors spend on a website, and most importantly, videos raise the conversion rate — that is, the rate at which people take action after visiting a site, like calling, e-mailing, or making a purchase.

Most businesses see increases in conversion anywhere from 10 to 30%. Sites like Zappos have received 144% increases in conversion rates when they add videos.

Two Styles: The animated explainer video and the scripted live-action sales video.

Spykermedia produces conversion videos to achieve your conversion goals. We work with two primary styles, the animated explainer video or the scripted live-action sales video filmed on location. The type of video you choose depends on your specific needs.

After we produce your video, we can help with deployment using our video hosting platform.  We’ll measure your results and can fine-tine your video to maximize its conversion power.

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Scripted live action video (Sample client)