Video is a great way to bring e-learning courses to life.

Clark College, in association with Southwest Washington Medical Center, was given a grant to develop an online course about cultural competence for healthcare professionals. Part of the course involved a series of videos, designed to be discussion starters, where healthcare professionals makes mistakes while interacting with patients from various cultural backgrounds. SpykerMedia produced eight medical dramas for the course.

The videos themselves were a joy to produce because they are scripted dramas, similar to shooting an episode of ER.

We spent three full days of casting for the more than thirty acting roles. We filmed over four days, using locations at Southwest Washington Medical Center and the Clark College campus.

Mark Gaither, Clark’s e-larning instructional designer, said, “Our partnership with SpykerMedia was a key to the course’s success . . . Spykermedia walked us through every step of the production process.”

directing the promo

filming the promo

on the set

on the set

After two weeks in the edit room, all eight high-definition dramas were delivered on schedule for integration into the class. The test groups who have taken the course so far have given it the highest rating they’ve ever given any course. The course will now be made available nationally.