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Video Marketing Strategy: Video is social

Is video social?

Video is perhaps the ultimate form of social media; moving images show the full range of human emotion, and great videos cry out to be shared.

In fact, it turns out video and social media are a match made in heaven, since social media has become the most effective way to share videos.

sharing videos on mobile devices

Videos shared through social media outlets are performing better than their static counterparts. There’s a direct correlation between social media referrals and engagement rates, meaning that not only are people clicking and viewing the videos more often, but also more of them keep watching until the video is done.  In Q4 2010, Facebook and Twitter accounted for the highest engagement rates across all media categories by referral source.

This makes sense, because if a social media user comes across videos in his or her feeds, it will have come from a friend or acquaintance. The fact your friend bothered to share the video at all seems to suggest that it is something worth your time, giving weight to the content, and your friends are more likely to have similar interests.

As of last quarter, Facebook surpassed Yahoo! as the leading referral source, second only to Google in driving traffic to online video content for media companies and brands. Facebook now accounts for 11.8% of all video traffic referred to media companies. To put this in perspective, Google accounted for 66.6% and Yahoo! accounted for 16% of the U.S. search market in the same period, according to ComScore.

Realizing this means several things:

  1. Leverage your own social media sites to promote and share your video content.
  2. Grow your social media subscriber base.
  3. Equip the video players on your site with prominent social sharing buttons, making it easier for people to share your content.

Happy sharing.

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