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Video Marketing Strategist

What is a video marketing strategist? A video marketing strategist is someone who assesses a company’s video marketing needs and creates a plan that utilizes video to tighten the sales cycle and power growth.

There are so many types of video and so many uses – from commercials to testimonials, from product demonstrations to customer support solutions. Which type of video is right for your business? This is the kind of question a video marketing strategist can answer.

Looking for Direction

If you want to devise your own strategy, a good place to start is to look at the sales cycle.  According to MarketingSherpa, online video is second only to word of mouth for its ability to influence decision makers in every stage of the purchase lifecycle.

  1. Branding and Awareness
  2. Interest and Consideration
  3. Evaluation
  4. Purchase
  5. Loyalty

Ask yourself, Which of these five areas needs the most help?

Once you identify that, there are many video-related solutions for stage of the purchase process. “Branding and Awareness,” for example, bring to mind commercials and viral videos. “Interest and Consideration” includes conversion videos, video testimonials, case studies and even product demonstration or sales presentation videos.

As people move to the “Evaluation” stage, there’s some blending; the product demonstration and sales presentations can play a critical role, as can training videos on product use.  In “Purchase,” we might look at up- selling, with videos explaining the benefits of additional products.

In “Loyalty,” a content channel is a great tool – a community where customers can give product feedback.  Adding “thought leadership” videos, product launch videos and videos of conferences with your CEO giving a state-of-the-nation-style address all provide great content for these channels. With products like software, training videos to help people operate the product are a great loyalty tool; and “how to” videos can really take some of the strain off your technical support staff, saving lots of money.

As a video marketing strategist myself, I ask marketing directors “What is your greatest struggle or need?” and their answers indicate a wealth of possibilities. I love coming up with ideas and seeing the light go on when those ideas engage and inspire the imagination.

Let us know about some your video marketing strategies!

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