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Top Ten Video Mistakes: 5. Cut Off’s

5. Cut Off’s

No I am not talking about those jeans you tried to make last another year.  I am talking about cutting off video mid sentence… when it’s a critical line it can be very disappointing.

An easy mistake to make with a consumer camera is to call action, and then start the camera – in that order.  The result is that the beginning of the performance is lost.  After the last word, you immediately shut off the camera, cutting off the last crucial moments.  A professional camera operator starts the camera first, lets it roll for a second or two to get up to speed, and then says, “Action!”  This gives you room at the front to edit.

A similar technique is needed when you are done shooting the action – you need to wait a few seconds after the last word before stopping the camera.  Camera heads often move a little when they go into park, or when left alone for a while.  A few extra seconds gives you the “safe space” you need to ensure that you don’t loose anything.  It is especially important if you are editing because your editing device will need a little time to sync up with the tape and start capturing.

Also when you are shooting and you need to review material you’ve just shot, take extra care not to start recording again until after the material you just reviewed has played out in full.

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