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Top Ten Video Mistakes: 10. Lighting

Almost nothing screams “Amateur!” as much as poor lighting.  Careers in film have been made or broken based on whether the film’s stars have been lighted in a flattering manner.  The fact is, lights do funny things to people.  If you stand directly under overhead lights, for example, you’ll get dark shadows under your eyes.  This looks terrible on video, yet it is common in hotels and conference rooms where you might be taping a speaker.

To make your video look like it was shot by a professional, bring a light kit to your location and throw some lighting onto your subject’s face.  There is a full lighting technique known as “Three Point Lighting,” which is used frequently by professional videographers.  It’s beyond the scope of this blog, but you can learn about it here on this free YouTube tutorial by videomaker magazine.

You could also check these DVD courses by the folks at DV Creators.net.

How to Shoot Awesome Video as an intro ($20) – or here DV Enlightenment a great DVD full of easy to understand information ($75).

Mastering lighting techniques will take your productions to the next level.

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