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Top Ten Video Mistakes; 4. Rambling

4. Rambling

Business videos frequently involves subject matter that is far more interesting to you than your potential audience.  The most often used talking head is a boring format to begin with, and it’s not realistic to think that people will watch while the subject simply talks to the camera for half an hour.  The key here – as with many things – is:  Keep it short (especially for online videos).

Work with your subject to make the main points in the most succinct possible way.  This may mean more time spent planning before shooting; including writing out a script or talking points – but it will really pay in the long run.

To keep viewers interested, and especially if you have editing software, think of some visual ways you can illustrate what is being said.  Use interesting locations, product demonstrations, action shots and you add graphics and titles afterwards.

Never be afraid to tell a story; people love stories.  Use dramatic reenactments, if necessary – your video will be more memorable, get better viewing results, and you’ll make your point with flair.

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