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New Clark College Spot Revealed

CommercialsAfter several months of planning… filming around the crazy weather… (see weather gods) and many weeks in post production, the new Clark College commercials are ready to air.  They were sent to Comcast this morning and will begin airing in Vancouver next week.  But, stay tuned… you get to see them first.

The first is called “Maze” … playing of the same idea as running and elevator, this was filmed at Joe’s Place farm.  We got around ten extras with lanterns to walk through the Maze appearing lost.  We waited til the sun was at exactly the right spot before we began filming.  The money shot was done using a jibb which we rigged to a flatbed and parked as close to the Maze as we dare get…

After the wide shot was done, all extras were sent home (thanks to all who volunteered) and we filmed until 1am … following our lead actress through the Maze until she found the way out… which is of course “Clark College.”

After a first edit was approved, the cut was sent to our voice-over artist and sound was mixed at the studios of Tag Team Audio.   They always do great work.

Once the audio mix was approved the graphics were added and finally the images were color corrected and output to Comcast specs… good old ProRes.

Here then is “Maze”


(Tomorrow – we reveal “Invest” … stay tuned)

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