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Music for my Business Video?

Can I put any music on my YouTube business video?

If you create a video for your business, put some nice music behind it and upload it to YouTube, chances are you’ll get a notice to remove the video due to copyright violation.  If you don’t respond, they’ll pull it for you.

YouTube has been cracking down on copyright abuse in recent years and so, if you include music with your video, you need to make sure you are licensed to use it.  That means you can’t use your favorite Beatles tune or something by U2.

What are your options?

Your best bet is to buy royalty-free music from an online library.  That means all the licensing fees are paid, and you can just buy the rights to download and use the music with your video.  There are several libraries out there.  Many are expensive, and the cheap ones are often really bad.

Revostock is a good one; they do footage and pictures as well as music (songs range from $10 to $40, depending on how wide your release).

Another good one is http://www.smartsound.com/ … they produce a software program that lets you review, download and edit the music and then output it to include with your video (basic version is free).  The great thing about that is you can output the music to the exact length of your video, and the software will configure the song to make it sound like it ends just where you want it.  Tracks cost around $30.

For those of you not making commercial videos, or using videos to make money and uploading to YouTube, there is a new service called FriendlyMusic.com which lets you download songs for just $1.99.

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