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Here is another new Clark College Commercial: titled “Invest.”  As you know, there is one investment you can never loose out on… and that’s your education.

Ben Farmer plays Student

We taped this spot at the offices of local Vancouver State Farm agent Debbie Gardener. It was a really smart looking office space, which we discovered accidentally during a routine insurance review (yes, we’re with State Farm).  Debbie agreed to let us film and was a great sport, while our film crew invaded her space.  The office allowed us to position the camera (the Red One) on the other side of a glass window and observe our broker at work.  Despite an auspicious start, forgetting his tie, Actor, Benjamin Farmer (somebody to watch) did a fantastic job, improvising lines on set.  The commercial was beautifully shot by Director of Photography, Ryan Walters with the help of Gaffer, Christopher Alley.

The commercial called for the actor interacting with a moving stock market chart on the computer screen.  Knowing we would need to run the same part of the move on the chart again and again as we shot the commercial from different angles it was decided to create a custom animation.  SpykerMedia animator Cole Boggess did a great job creating a simple custom animated stock chart, which we ran off a Macbook hooked directly into the monitor.  Our grip, lay on the floor for the shoot, rolling and rewinding the animation.

The ad will start airing this week on Comcast.

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