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Introducing NW Business Videos

“If you’re a small business owner, video is in your future, whether you know it or not,” said Forrester Research analyst, James McQuivery, in a recent article in USA Today.   “Video is how your customers will find you.” Currently only 2 percent of small businesses have videos on their websites, but McQuivery says that over the next two years, that will change. More and more consumers will look to the iPhone, Android and other mobile platforms to make decisions about where to go, and videos on small business websites will make the difference.

There are a number of companies out there who recognize this fact about the future, and are offering affordable solutions for the small business owner. One such company is Northwest Business Videos www.nwbusinessvideos.com.

Their new website went live this week, and was featured in The Columbian’s business e-newsletter. Started by Spyker Media, Northwest Business Videos offers not only high quality video production, but also deployment to multiple video sharing sites as well as traffic reports.

It will be interesting to see the business landscape change as more and more businesses jump on the video bandwagon. Right now, there are few enough that you can really set yourself apart from your competition by adding video. With video bandwidth taking up 50% of the Internet and growing fast, I can see the time fast approaching when every business has some form of video on their website.

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