2. Proposal

2. Proposal

The proposal gives shape to your production, outlining the project in terms of budget and timeline.  In discovery, you tell us what you need; the proposal allows us to repeat it back to you in more concrete terms so you can be sure we understand your goals.

We present the proposal in person, so that we can more easily make adjustments until you’re happy and ready to move forward.  Once the proposal is signed and the deposit paid, we can move into the next phase.

Concept Development Option

Some companies are not sure what kind of videos they need and engage us for creative development.  In these cases, a proposal with a budget and timeline is not written until all the possible options have been explored and a solution approved.

Concept development is billed on an hourly basis, allowing us to more thoroughly explore your goals, perform market research, and create concepts and approaches based on our findings.  This may involve several meetings during which you’ll be presented with multiple options from which to choose.  Only when we’ve arrived at a solution you’re satisfied with do we develop a proposal with a budget and timeline.