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Four reasons to use video on your website

The Internet is the #1 media for each stage of the purchase process, outpacing all other media. Your website can be your individual broadcasting channel, delivering your message 24/7, reinforcing your brand and selling your products and services. A video can increase a website’s effectiveness at converting visitors into customers, as well as spreading the word via search engines, video sharing sites, blogs and social networks.

Video engages people: Video captures and holds your audience’s attention far more effectively than text alone.  Video engages, entertains, and inspires, eliciting an emotional response, which motivates viewers to take action.

Video increases “sticking time” (how much time customers spend on your website): Internet users read only about 20% of the text on a webpage and then move on.  Visitors to a website with video, however, typically spend much more time, lingering to watch the content.

Video increases retention: Listening, watching and reading combined produce greater levels of understanding and retention than reading text alone.

Video increases sales: The bottom line is that video gets results.  Video can increase the response rate you get from your website with a good call to action, and videos can spread the word about your business and be more readily found in search results.

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