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Don’t Beat ‘em – Hire ‘em!

Some people are threatened by others who are smarter than they are. This isn’t a healthy position for a business owner.  The best thing you can do as a business owner is surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. Seek advisors, mentors, employees and vendors who are strong where you might be weak, and your business will grow as a result.

Many years ago, I worked at a small, family-owned business whose approach to business. The owner tended to promote people who were less threatening to him, people with whom he felt he could demonstrate his superior knowledge. The company was slow to adopt industry innovations, and company culture encouraged employees to cruise through the job doing the minimum, while those with drive and ideas were put down and discouraged.

As I watched my employer’s business stagnate, I began my own business on the side, and vowed to take the opposite approach. My goal was to find people who were smarter than me and collaborate with them, contract with them, and eventually hire them…to bring in consultants and specialists as I could afford them in order to fine-tune my business and make it better.

No one can know everything. Maybe you started your business because you’re an expert in your trade, but now you have to do marketing, accounting, management, planning, customer service, hiring, writing quotes, making sales, taking phone calls… you can’t be great at it all. In video production, for example, the best camera operators are not necessarily good editors, and the best directors are often not good with budgeting. It’s one of the problems with hiring a one-man show for your video needs, because you’re hiring one person’s weaknesses along with his or her strengths. Your end product may look beautiful, but be built on a poorly conceived script; or your great script may end up looking like corners were cut on production values.

I strive to solve this problem by assessing my own strengths and weaknesses, and by hiring people who compliment them.  By hiring people who are better than me and focusing my efforts on areas in which I excel, I end up with a superior product. The sum of the whole is greater than its parts. For example, I prefer to hire a DP (Director of Photography) to focus on the camerawork, making every shot look beautiful. This frees me up to focus on performance, getting the best out of the interview, keeping track of what has been said, and making sure nothing gets missed. Focusing on framing, camera settings and lighting as well as all those other things increases the possibility of vital information being left out of the interview. By hiring a camera person, I get someone whose great passion is to control the camera to best effect, and will therefore deliver far superior cinematographic results than I could on my own (or for that matter any other one man show).

What this means is that my clients are instant winners with better and more effective videos — and that naturally reflects back on the business, and results in repeat customers and referrals.

So my advice to all small business owners is:  Don’t be afraid of smarter people – hire them! Surround yourself with the best, and let it rub off on you. Partner with people who are strong where you are weak, and you’ll give your customers a better product – and you’ll give yourself a thriving business.

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