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Creating video testimonials that grow sales

Creating video testimonials that grow sales

A glowing customer testimonial is worth more than any sales copy you could possibly devise. Potential buyers always have some distrust when evaluating company claims, but nothing dispels their doubts more effectively than third-party validation.

Creating video testimonials for your website is a great way to provide that validation. Video testimonials come alive with real people telling real stories…rather than boring prospects with line after line of dry text. Viewers will identify with the customer in the scenario, and they will picture you solving their own problems. Voila!

Fine. But how do you get good customer testimonials for your website?

Get ‘em while they’re hot – DIY Approach

One approach is to do it yourself when the right opportunity arises. Have a system in place so that you have instant access to a simple, inexpensive camera (even a camera phone), and any time you get feedback from delighted customers, ask them if they’d be willing to repeat that on camera. Chances are, they’ll say yes—because most happy customers are eager to share. This is a great approach for feeding your content marketing machine, and for sharing on social media. However, when it comes to your website, you might want to take time to plan and create higher quality testimonial videos.

Strategically deployed professional video testimonials

Pick raging fans!

Start by thinking about all your products and services and decide which ones to highlight. Pick customers who are extremely happy with each product or service you wish to represent. You want the raging fans…those repeat customers who have already brought you referrals. Pick a demographically diverse range of customers who reflect your current customer base, as well as your target customers. It’s best to pick several customers to talk about each area, because some people will come across better on video than others; in fact, in the end, you may decide not to include some of them. Be sure to let them know this ahead of time. On the other hand, don’t use paid actors for a video testimonial. The positive body language, voice tones and enthusiasm of a real person talking about a real situation cannot be contrived.

Create a call list of these ideal fans, along with what they can talk about, and then contact them and ask for their permission.

It’s a good idea to hire a professional to film these testimonials, because it ensures good quality. From a cost standpoint, it’s cheaper and easier to have customers come to your location to be videotaped. This means one location to set up (saving set-up time) and you can bring in multiple people over a single day of filming. If you’re having trouble getting customers to come, try hosting an open house. Offer light refreshments and door prizes. Tell them it’s a celebration in honor of your most valued customers…and then make sure you have a quiet area which is suitable for filming the interviews.

Ask questions

When filming these don’t use a script. The most dynamic testimonials come from asking questions. This technique generates spontaneity and increases the credibility of the testimonial, as the viewer sees the customer’s emotional reaction while reliving the experience. Then it doesn’t look rehearsed or overly polished, and viewers are more likely to identify with the customers.

Get the story
You don’t want a generic, “They did such a great job and I loved them,” testimonial. You are looking for real, concrete examples of how your company helped someone. Have the customer be specific:  “My radiator was smoking and I was trapped on Highway 14 and within ten minutes the tow truck was there.” A persuasive testimonial is a slice-of-life documentary that clearly shows your customer’s problem…your solution…and how the customer benefits.

Keep it brief
Testimonials are not the place for four- or five-minute videos; viewers will get bored and lose interest. If you’re having one video for each customer, and that person is telling a unique story of how you helped (a good approach), then 30 seconds to a minute is a good length. To maximize the impact within this time, the content needs to be clear, concise, and compelling. If you have the budget, you can film a re-enactment with the customer which can be edited over the interview for a more visually dynamic video. 

Spread them out

A lot of websites have a dedicated testimonials page, which is a great idea. Seeing more than one person endorse your company will give your claims more traction. However, why wait for your viewers to find this page before delivering the most persuasive reasons for them to buy from you? One thing you can do is break testimonials into individuals speaking about a specific product or service, and then place them on the page with that product or service description. Spreading your video testimonials around your site increases the chances of them being seen and the message getting delivered.

All in all, video testimonials are a powerful tool for increasing the close rate of your sales funnel.

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